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History of Sigma Chi

Founding of Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi was founded on June 28, 1855 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio when members split from Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sigma Chi has seven founding members: Benjamin Piatt RunkleThomas Cowan BellWilliam Lewis LockwoodIsaac M. Jordan, Daniel William Cooper, Franklin Howard Scobey, and James Parks Caldwell.

According to the fraternity’s constitution, “The purpose of the fraternity is to cultivate and maintain the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded.” [1] [2]

The fraternity’s official colors are blue and old gold, and its badge is a cross with emblems on each of its arms: crossed keys on the upper arm, an eagle’s head on the left arm, seven gold stars and a pair of clasped hands on the lower arm, and a scroll on the right arm. In the center of the cross, on a black background, are the gold symbols for the Greek letters Sigma (Σ) and Chi (Χ). The left and right arms are connected.


On April 27, 2013, Sigma Chi became recognized by the University as an official Greek organization. We are currently looking for leaders like yourself to continue the growth of this great Fraternity.

What follows is a condensed version of the Jordan Standard. It is intended to be a guideline and minimum set of requirements for new members.

The standard with which the fraternity started was to be that of admitting no man to membership in Sigma Chi who is not believed to be:

A Man of Good Character…….
A Student of Fair Ability…….
With Ambitious Purposes…….
A Congenial Disposition…….
Possessed of Good Morals…….
Having a High Sense of Honor and
A Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility.